Webinar Short Description: 
Learn about Lake Geneva Region in the upcoming Webinar.
Webinar Date: 
30 Jun 2017
Webinar Time: 
3:00 PM

Lake Geneva, the largest freshwater lake in Europe and certainly the most romantic, having inspired countless artists - captivates the eye. Lending itself as much to barbecues on the beach as dinners on board the steamships that crisscross its waters, it offers every possible aquatic pleasure: sailing, water-skiing, wake-boarding, pedalos. Immerse in the beauty of Lake Geneva- all the joys of summer, giving way to the magical light of the autumn and the soft mists of winter. Gently sloping vineyards border the shores of the lake, with the capital city of Lausanne across from the highest Alpine peaks. Lively towns and small wine-growing villages appear scattered at random. The region seems half dream and half reality yet down by the water’s edge, the lakeside is graced with fairy-tale châteaux and luxurious manor houses.

Join our Webinar on 30th June 2017 at 3:00PM and learn about Lake Geneva Region Region. Contact [email protected]