Hello There,

Welcome to the Beginners Course (Level One) on Seawings.

At Travel Gyaan, our efforts are directed towards familiarizing travel agents with the relatively unheard aspects of the very popular destinations. Thus in case of Seawings, we have prepared a comprehensive course covering all the things that you can offer to your guests when they book their holiday with you. And we assure you that these details are going to be conveyed in an absolutely easy to learn manner so you don’t have to tax your brains by trying to remember the facts and figures.

Once you successfully complete Level One, you will graduate to the next level - Seawings Lifestyle and Air Cruise. Upon completion of both level One and level Two, Level Three is an Itinerary Challenge which may entitle you to win a FAM to Dubai. So lets get started.

We hope you enjoy the training!

Located in the heart of Dubai, Seawings specializes in offering seaplane tours. It is a one of its kind experience that allows travellers to enjoy the beauty of Dubai in a very different way- from up in the air! Destinations and sights that appear only partial from the ground have a splendid aerial view. To top it all, the sightseeing starts with a take-off on the pristine waters of Dubai where the salty ocean breeze is a rejuvenating experience in itself.

From scenic tours to private charters, Seawings offers an extensive choice that can be used to create a memorable vacation experience for your customer. To put it simply, the Seawings tour is all about seeing Dubai like never before!

Watch this video to learn more. 

What does this course cover?

  • All that you need to know about Seawings
  • The unique sightseeing options that are offered only by Seawings
  • Ways in which you can transform the ordinary Dubai Tours into extraordinary trips for your customers using the options that Seawings provides

What will you gain?

  • Surely more customers because you will be able to plan better and have more suggestions to offer in Dubai.
  • More money through commissions because your customers will love the Seawings seaplane tours and keep recommending your services to friends and family!
  • Once you have completed the course and passed all the tests there’s a goody bag waiting for you (available to Indian Travel agents only) as well as a certificate to show off to your colleagues and prove that you are now officially a Seawings expert.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to get started and we promise you that at the end of the course you will be a better informed and a better equipped trip planner planning really interesting Dubai tours for your customers.