Message from Jean Marc CHAMPROBERT, Chief Commercial Officer, Montparnasse 56 Group


Brief Introduction:

What is the first thing a visitor does when he lands in a new city? Most of them go for a city tour and sightseeings to know the unknown, to take a real feel of the city and to explore the new city. And all of us do it the same way - by car or coach.

What if you can take a look at all the important sightseeing places, attractions and iconic monuments of a city at one go from an entirely new angle? Lets introduce you to the Montparnasse 56 Group – which will enable you, the Travel trade, to suggest some of the world’s best cities from a whole new perspective.

Four towers in Four cities namely Paris, Chicago, Berlin and the latest addition Philadelphia. We bring you the the most offbeat and exciting way to discover these cities. What can be a more enthralling and adventurous experience than to feel the pulse of the entire city at one go from the highest point?  The simple answer is there is none. Come, Join us and complete this simple course to explore these towers that offer a completely new perspective to your sightseeing and city tours.

The question arises - what are the benefits of completing the course? Well, the answer is:

  • You learn about a new way of exploring Paris, Chicago, Berlin and Philadelphia through our Observatory Decs in each city
  • These sightseeing attractions can be a USP that can be added in your FIT and GIT Tours.
  • Complete the course on each tower and become a Montparnasse 56 Specialist and get a Certificate upon successful completion.
  • What more? 10 lucky winners will win Surprise Gifts.

Easy Steps to become a Montparnasse 56 Specialist:

  • Click on each module of the four module on your left.
  • Read about the Towers and what it has to offer. Every module has reading material but it also has videos and images to give you a better understanding about each tower.
  • Take Test at the end of each module.
  • Upon successful completion of all four modules, you can print Certificate and be proud of learning something new today. After all, Knowledge will help you sell better and gain happy customers!