Located on the east coast of Australia, Gold Coast is known for its long sandy beaches, the Australian culture, theme parks, nightlife and a host of other unique events that have been entertaining tourists from various parts of the world for several years now. With its sunny sub-tropical climate and a scenic landscape, this coastal city has emerged as one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations in the last few years.

Offering a refreshing break from the mundane activities that an average tourist would engage in his or her holiday, Gold Coast has an interesting array of options lined up for every type of traveller. This means from the families to the adventure seekers, Gold Coast has an exhaustive list of holiday options that is guaranteed to give your guests a holidaying experience that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Even the variety in terms of the food ensures that there is something to please even the most distinguished travellers blessed with a discerning palate. This also includes Indian restaurants that offer vegetarian delicacies and a lot of other places where the tourists can indulge in a sinfully tasty binge. To top it all, the coastal city has an active nightlife and is home to various markets and popular shopping destinations where tourists will surely enjoy.



The Gold Coast Champions course is a combination of Modules (reading material) followed by a Test.  Click on each of five training modules on the left of this page to get started. In order to complete the Course, one must finish all the five modules with a 75% score to qualify to the next level i.e - The Gold Coast Itinerary challenge.

In the modules that follow, we will focus on exploring the magnum opus of Gold Coast and help you learn more about this exotic holiday destination that promises to be the ultimate holiday experience for any type of tourist.

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Completion of this course will help prepare you for any questions that may come up when selling our diverse, interesting and amazing coastal city. Catch a glimpse of the video to get a preview of Gold Coast. Welcome Aboard !


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