Hello There,

Welcome to the Beginners Course on The Ajman Palace.

History has taught us that the first step to success is important as it plays a pivotal role in determining the end result. Well, by coming to this elearning travel website, let me assure you that you have taken the first big step in the direction of understanding the beautiful destination of Ajman and the lovely heritage resort as the perfect vacation option for all your customers!

What’s more is that Ajman is a relatively lesser explored the destination amidst all the emirates of Dubai and knowing it better will help you plan the most exciting holidays for your clients. Surely, it is this excellence in service that will help you earn more customers, wouldn’t it?

So, get ready for a comprehensive training module that will be tell you that you need to know about the Ajman Palace resort in an interactive and fun filled manner. 

What does the module cover?

  • All that you need to know about the Ajman Palace Resort.
  • Tourist destinations around the resort.
  • Facilities that you can include in the vacation packages you plan for customers.
  • Other interesting options for your customers.

How does it help me?

  • First things first, you get to learn in an interactive atmosphere so it’s strictly no taxing the brain!
  • You can increase your sales considerably by identifying the new selling points that are most likely to interest your customers.
  • You become a certified expert so you have access to information that is authentic means there is no risk of your customers getting duped when planning the vacation in this part of the world.


Watch this video for more information.